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Running a business isn’t easy. The day-to-day operations of a small or medium-sized business is already more than a full-time job. When you add on all the duties and responsibilities as the owner or operator, your plate becomes too full… fast!

You don’t need the stress or headache of a new website, social media, and everything else “digital” taking up your time. Yet, you know that it’s an important piece to running a successful business in the modern-day economy.

That’s why JJ Social Light exists. Our goal with every client (including you) is twofold:

1. To remove the headache and overwhelm of everything digital.
2. To help your business make more money in the process.

We’ve been in business for 8 years, but collectively our team has over three decades of experience in the digital marketing industry. In that time, we’ve helped dozens of SMBs elevate their social media presence, update their websites, and increase sales.

In other words, JJ Social Light helps your business grow by building more (and better) connections with your customers.

Nowadays, you need an online presence to build connections.

Real-world relationships are still important. They always will be. However, nowadays your business needs both – old-school techniques and modern-day ones, too.

That’s where we help your business shine!


At JJ Social Light, we specialize in removing the “online burden” off the shoulders of business owners. You handle the offline aspects of your business. Let us handle the online presence for you.


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